• Commercial Finance

    We specialize in mid market commercial finance of renewable technologies.

  • Experiance

    Providing renewable finance for nearly five years in multiple international markets.

  • Solar

    Specialize in solar technology finance and work with the leading suppliers and EPC's.

  • Seamless

    Our advanced technology allow us to quickly make financing decisions.

Welcome to Freetricity USA

We are a leading provider of finance in the mid market commercial renewables sector.

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Go green and save money, apply for a Freetricity commercial finance renewable energy system and start seeing the saving immediately.

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Want to join our select group of top tier EPC companies so you can provide finance through us to your customers? Apply now

Exceptional returns for funding partners

Freetricity operates a highly optimized funding structure with it's solid secure capital distribution platform.

Monitoring, mangment and servicing

We have the experience and technology to efficiently and effectively manage your portfolio of renewable projects.